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Landscape Services Edmond, OKDamon Johnson Inc. is the right company to call for all your lawn and landscape maintenance needs. We have decades of experience in the industry, making us experts in all aspects of lawn care and management. We don't compromise quality workmanship even if we offer our services at client-friendly rates. Our people follow systematic procedures, use proven maintenance methods, and use the right tools and equipment to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. Please call us today so we can discuss with you how we make lawns look clean, lush, and beautiful all year round. Call us at (405) 341-7998 or visit us at our Edmond, OK office. 

Weed Control

Weeds can ruin the beauty of your outdoors and affect the proper growth and health of your lawn. At Damon Johnson Inc., we prevent weed infestation by creating a customized weed control program for your backyard. Our program consists of 7 vital stages that will effectively eliminate broadleaf and grassy weeds on your lawn. We use post and pre-emergent weed killers and premium blend fertilizers to promote turf growth and health. We apply these solutions at the right time and interval to maximize their effectiveness. Read More About Weed Control >>

Tree/Shrub Care

One of our most sought-after services is tree/shrub care. Most Oklahoma property owners call us to perform periodic fertilizer and insect applications work on their trees and shrubs. They choose us because of our expertise, complete tools and equipment, and capability to perform various tree care tasks. To complete the tasks efficiently and promptly, we use only task-appropriate tools such as aprayers and deep root injecters. We will also ensure the proper growth of your trees and shrubs by creating a custom maintenance plan. Our tree care plan usually includes surface feeding, injection, application of foliar fertilizer and insecticide, and other vital maintenance tasks. We may recommend immediate tree treatment to prevent the spread of diseases and pest infestation. Read More About Tree/Shrub Care >>

Specific Trees

If you are looking for tree specialists, you've come to the right place. Damon Johnson Inc. has seasoned tree specialists with in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and needs of various tree species. Our people will apply the most appropriate care for your trees by assessing their needs. There are specific trees that require frequent trimming and pruning while there are other types that are best left untouched. Some of the tree species that we can take care of include Crape Myrtle, Bald Cypress, Nellie Stevens holly, lace bark elm, Shumard oak, red maple, Oklahoma redbud, Loblolly pine, chokecherry, juniper, sweetgum, deodara cedar, magnolia, and Japanese maple. Don't worry if you have trees that are not included on this list. Our tree care experts can still take care of them. Read More About Specific Trees >>

Lawn Aeration

There are several good reasons why you should aerate your lawn during spring or fall. First, it will help improve the health of the lawn by letting water and oxygen penetrate the root zones. In addition, fertilizers and other vital nutrients will be easily absorbed by the root system when aeration is performed accurately. Since the task requires in-depth knowledge of the process and the use of special type of equipment, please call experienced professionals like us. Read More About Lawn Aeration >>

Grass and Plant Diseases

You can only achieve a healthy and lush lawn by getting the services of professional lawn care experts. Professionals like us can help you prevent plant diseases that can cause massive and costly damage to your plantings and turf. At Damon Johnson Inc., we offer proven solutions that will prevent, mitigate, or eliminate specific lawn diseases. We may use natural or chemical control measures, depending on the needs of your lawn and the severity of the infestation. Some of the diseases that we can easily handle include pythium blight, downy mildew, Anthracnose, canker disease, needle blight, fire blight, leaf spots, and cedar apple rust. Read More About Grass and Plant Disease Control >>


Strategically timed fertilization is crucial for nurturing lush, vibrant landscapes. Plants need a continuous supply of essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus to maximize their growth, flowering, and overall health. We offer customized fertilization programs based on in-depth soil analysis and the specific plant varieties in your landscape. Our experts select premium commercial-grade or organic fertilizers that deliver target nutrients without excess. We schedule the fertilizer applications for periods of peak plant uptake and time them to match each season's conditions. We adjust our programs to evolve with your landscape's changing needs and help you boost bloom colors, increase turf density, or maintain optimal nutrition all year. We have a science-backed fertilization solution. With our proactive nutrition programs, landscapes flourish with beautiful growth that builds lifelong vigor and resilience. We cater to residential and commercial clients and offer them excellent value based on detailed discussions and assessments of the existing plants, lawn areas, and trees. Read More About Fertilization >>

Insect Control

Insect infestation is a serious lawn problem. Insects will not only damage your grass and hinder its proper growth but may also pose health risks to your pets and family. Here at Damon Johnson Inc., we have proven solutions to this serious problem. We offer comprehensive treatment plan to control infestation and prevent further damage to your plantings. We will look for borers, mole crickets, carpenter ants, webworms, grubs, cutworms, chinch bugs, bagworms, spider mites, aphids, and other types of insects that can damage your plantings. Read More About Insect Control >>

Mosquito Control

Our tick and flea control services are the most effective means to shield your loved ones and pets from these harmful pests. We understand that the key to success lies in delivering services that are both highly efficient and budget friendly. Our approach is unrivaled in its effectiveness. We employ cutting-edge techniques and specialized products targeting ticks and fleas, ensuring your landscape and yard remain pest-free. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to timely service. Our scheduled visits for reapplication and monitoring guarantee your continued protection. In addition, our services are designed to be highly cost-effective. We firmly believe safeguarding your family and pets should not be a financial burden. Our offers top-tier tick and flea control solutions that deliver accurate results while being gentle on your wallet. So, you don't have to think twice before contacting us. If you are looking for an unparalleled pest-free outdoor experience, we are the company to call. Read More About Mosquito Control >>

Grub Control

Grub infestations can occur in lawns and gardens. These pesky pests feed voraciously on plant roots, leaving dead patches that rapidly expand to ruin entire landscapes. We recognize this and offer highly effective grub elimination treatments administered at the optimal times to break their life cycle. Our licensed technicians leverage the latest insecticides and methods to target grubs while remaining harmless to beneficial insects, children, pets, and the environment. We also restore decimated lawns by aerating soil, overseeding with quality turf varieties, and nurturing vigorous, vibrant regrowth. Our comprehensive process removes current grub populations and creates landscapes for long-term pest resilience. Whether you’re currently battling a full-blown infestation or want to prevent grubs proactively, call Damon Johnson's Inc. We customize sustainable grub control solutions for your unique landscape and goals. Don’t let grubs devastate the lawn you’ve invested time and money building – we’ll protect it with strategic science-based care. Read More About Grub Control >>


Don't let fungus steal the life out of your landscape. We offer a complete solution for combating fungal threats to your lawn and prized plants. Our team of experienced professionals will meticulously diagnose the specific issue you're facing, whether it's brown patches plaguing your lush lawn or powdery mildew weakening your beloved roses. With our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, we can quickly identify the root cause of the problem. Once our experts have identified the fungal culprit, they apply targeted, eco-friendly fungicides to eliminate the threat at its source. We select and use these treatments carefully to ensure maximum effectiveness while minimizing potential harm to your landscape or the environment. We also offer comprehensive preventative measures to ensure fungal diseases don't take root in the first place. By implementing proactive strategies, such as proper cultural practices and strategic applications, we can help create an inhospitable environment for fungal growth, protecting your investment and keeping your greenery flourishing. Read More About Fungicides >>

Tick and Flea Control

Our specialized mosquito control services are meticulously crafted to suit the distinct requirements of each property. We take a tailored approach, meticulously assessing your location to create unique treatment plans, ensuring we effectively eliminate these pests from your outdoor spaces. Using proven yet eco-friendly techniques, our dedicated team not only targets existing mosquito populations but also mitigates breeding sites. Our focus and unwavering commitment to ongoing mosquito control distinguishes us, making us the preferred company in this field. We provide scheduled visits, conveniently apply treatments, monitor mosquito activity, and make real-time adjustments as needed so that you can relish a mosquito-free environment year-round. Our experienced professionals continuously update their knowledge to keep you protected. We guarantee a personalized and effective mosquito control solution that ensures lasting effects so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about pesky mosquitoes ruining your relaxation or entertainment moments. Read More About Tick and Flea Control >>

Fescue Seeding

You can hire Damon Johnson Inc. to perform seeding on your lawn. We usually recommend seeding and reseeding during Spring or Fall since these seasons offer the most favorable growing conditions for the seeds. Aside from Fescue seeding, we can also use other grass varieties that you may prefer for your backyard. We use only premium blend seeds with high germination rate to give you a well-covered lawn. Read More About Fescue Seeding >>

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