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Importance of Pre-Emergent Weed Spraying

Weed Spraying, Edmond, OK Herbicides known as pre-emergents, are applied to lawns before weeds even get the chance to sprout. Some examples of such invasive plants include crabgrass, henbit and other broadleaf weeds. In contrast to conventional weed killers, this product is sprayed on a lawn at the beginning of its development cycle to prevent weeds from establishing a foothold in the soil.

You shouldn't apply this herbicide where you would like to over-seed your yard with Fescue. It doesn't care whether the seed comes from a weed or a valuable plant.

Protection Against Weed Growth

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating in the first place by acting as a kind of blanket. Spring applications are best made between the end of February and the middle of March before temperatures rise beyond 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using pre-emergent sprays on your lawn can help prevent new weeds from sprouting. You will be able to manage your lawn more efficiently if you start use an effective pre-emergent and post emergent spray.

When combined with water, the chemical becomes active and will permeate the soil. Its effectiveness against new weed growth may last for weeks or months after application.

Over time, you can reduce the number of pre-emergent applications by repeated seasonal use. In an ideal world, a lawn free of weeds would be healthier, thicker, more robust and need less upkeep.

The Weed Emergent Application Time Matters

Remember that a pre-emergent is timed to maximum effectiveness by eliminating weeds before they sprout from the soil. Liquid herbicides are the most common type used in pre-emergent mixtures for lawns and are often combined with fertilizer. Broadcast spreaders can make short work of dispersing your fertilizer blend. Hiring lawn care pros is recommended since they have the expertise to apply pre-emergent and weed control properly.

Applying The Pre-Emergent Weed Spray

Pre-emergent weed sprays are applied by technicians that use a special applicator based on the amount of square footage in your lawn. It's also possible to use a spreader to apply a granular pre-emergent. Watering the lawn after applying pre-emergent is vital so that the soil can absorb the product, but it's also crucial not to over-water. As mentioned earlier, hiring professionals for regular lawn maintenance is best. They will design a package that includes pre-emergent, post-emergent, and fertilization for your lawn.

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