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Tree Care in Guthrie, OK

Tree Care, Guthrie, OK At Damon Johnson's Inc., we understand that your trees are not just a part of your property's landscape in Tree Care in Guthrie, OK, but also a valuable investment that adds to the overall value of your property. As these trees and your shrubs continue to grow and flourish, it is crucial to provide them with regular care and maintenance to protect them from the damaging effects of insects and diseases.

Specialized Tree Care Program

Our Four Seasons tree and shrub care program is designed to provide professional inspection, treatment, and feeding to ensure your investment stays healthy and vibrant all year round. Trees and shrubs are commonly found in both commercial and residential landscapes, serving as visual focal points and adding to the greenery and beauty of the surroundings.

Besides their aesthetic value, trees contribute to improved air quality and provide shade to outdoor and indoor spaces. Therefore, it is essential to have a comprehensive tree and shrub care program in place to keep them in optimal condition.

Our primary tree and shrub care program includes treatments during different seasons to address various aspects of tree and shrub health, such as:
  • In winter, we provide injections and foliar fertilizer to boost their nutrient levels.
  • In spring and summer, we apply insecticides to control surface-feeding insects and provide foliar fertilizer for continued nourishment.
  • During fall, we apply insecticides to prevent insect infestations, apply foliar fertilizer to prepare the trees and shrubs for the winter months.
  • Additionally, we offer various extra services such as disease control, outdoor tick and flea control, grub control, tree, and shrub consultation, carpenter ants and bores control, bagworm and webworm treatments, and mosquito control to ensure comprehensive care for your trees and shrubs.

Prompt Tree Care Solutions

As your local tree and shrub care experts, we are committed to providing the best care possible for your investment. Our certified and experienced crew is well-equipped to monitor your trees for any signs of insects or diseases and take prompt action to rectify and control them. We use the best organic fertilizers and pest control products, which help maintain tree health.

We are local to your area, so you can count on us for prompt services when needed. Convenient access to our professional services means your trees get the regular care and attention they need to thrive and sustain all weather conditions.

Why You Need Professional Tree Care Services

Protecting and nurturing your trees ensures their health and vitality and helps preserve the beauty and value of your property. Our tree and shrub care program is designed to provide comprehensive care and maintenance to keep your investment thriving and flourishing all year round. There are several reasons to choose us for your tree care requirements, such as:
  • Trees represent a valuable investment in your property's value and aesthetics.
  • Regular care and maintenance are necessary to protect trees from insects and diseases, and that is what we provide.
  • Professional tree care services ensure proper inspection, treatment, and feeding for optimal tree health.
  • As mentioned earlier, we have local expertise, which allows us to identify and manage specific dangers or tree maintenance in your area.
  • Our comprehensive tree care programs address seasonal needs and provide additional disease control and pest management services.
  • Working with our professional tree care experts ensures high-quality care and preservation of the beauty and value of your property.
Don't leave the health of your trees and shrubs to chance - work with us, the proven professionals for tree care in Guthrie OK services. For more information on our range of landscaping services, please call the Damon Johnson experts at (405) 341-7998. You can also write to us through this Online Form if you prefer.

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