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Tree & Shrub Care

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Your trees and shrubs represent an important and constantly growing investment in the value of your property. This investment in trees and shrubs requires regular, professional inspection and treatment to ward off the damaging effects of insects and disease. We also maintain a schedule of regular feeding of your trees and shrubs as well. Protect your investment by scheduling a Four Seasons tree and shrub care program.

Most commercial and residential landscapes have trees and shrubs of various types planted for visual effect. These features add to the greenery and liveliness of the property and help improve air quality in the immediate surroundings as well. Large trees provide shade not just to the landscaped areas but also to indoor spaces of the property. Trees and shrubs will need to be maintained so that they look their best all year round.

Our basic Tree and Shrub Care Program

  • Winter - Injection and Folar Fertilizer
  • Spring - Insecticide/ Surface Feeding Insects & Folar Fertilizer
  • Summer - Insecticide/ Surface Feeding Insects & Folar Fertilizer
  • Fall - Insecticide/ Surface feeding Insects & Folar Fertilizer

We also offer extra services including:

  • Disease control
  • Outdoor Tick and Flea Control
  • Grub Control
  • Tree & Shrub consultation
  • Carpenter Ants and Bores
  • Bag worm treatments¬†
  • Web worm treatments¬†
  • Mosquito control¬†

Your Local Tree and Shrub Care Experts

Trees are a great resource for the environment as well as a great asset to your properties aesthetics and Value. We offer you many different services to make sure your investment are protected and flourish. We always strive to keep your trees and plants healthy and thriving all year round. Our certified and experienced crew will also monitor your plants for any signs of insects or disease. We have local expertise in trees and shrub care. This enables us to identify any symptoms of dangers specific to your area and take immediate steps for rectification and control.

At Damon Johnson, Inc, we always develop a custom tree and shrub treatment program after a professional inspection. If you need more information about our services, feel free to give us a call at 405-341-7998. If you need a quick quote, please fill the Online Form above and send it to us.

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