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Landscape Articles

Weed Control and Fertilization Tips

Your garden or lawn is an extension of your home, and like any part of your living space, it requires care and attention to look its best. Two essential aspects of maintaining a beautiful outdoor environment include weed control and fertilization practices. These practices enhance your landscape's aesthetics and promote your lawns and landscape’s health. Keep your property looking vibrant and lush all year round with the correct weed control and fertilization program.
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Tree and Shrub Care: Essential Weed Control Tips

Weeds compete for essential resources, including water, nutrients, and sunlight, which are vital for the health of trees and shrubs. Uncontrolled weed growth can hinder proper air circulation around plants, increasing the risk of fungal diseases. Weeds can also serve as hosts for harmful insects and pests, which may further damage trees and shrubs. In this article we will be talking about essential weed control tips for your trees and shrubs!
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Importance of Pre-Emergent Weed Spraying

It is common practice for homeowners to hire a lawn care company to take care of all their lawn and landscape maintenance requirements. However, to save costs, some homeowners are choosing to take control of their lawn care needs and becoming educated about pre-emergent herbicide treatments and the benefits. We are all trying to save money nowadays, but pre-emergent weed spraying is one of the most necessary treatments you can provide for your grass. In the following article we will be discussing what pre-emergent herbicides are and how they can help your lawns and landscapes!
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Best Weed Control Options

Every landscape has trees, shrubs and plantings and this also means the soil they grow in will develop weed growth at some or the other time. While it can be very difficult to control the growth of weeds in the garden and yard spaces, landscape maintenance contracts always include weed control services. Damon Johnson provides excellent weed control services to customers in and around Edmond and Oklahoma City.
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Top 3 Tree Services

Trees are almost an integral part of any landscape and it's rare to find a property that doesn’t have at least a few trees on it. Small and large trees add to the beauty of your home, lend the outdoor space some shade and help cool the immediate environment as well. Many people also like to install trees closer to their patio and deck areas so these features get some amount of shade at certain times of the day.
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Types of Lawn Aeration Services

It’s important that grass get the right type of nutrients and it’s why every lawn care plan includes fertilization. But it’s equally important for the roots to get enough oxygen on a regular basis and that’s what aeration helps in. Your lawn care contractor will use specific equipment to aerate grass in your landscaping, in the springtime.
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Customize Your Fertilization Plan

Most people opt for landscape maintenance contracts, and fertilization is a very important aspect of these. Fertilizers are a very essential aspect because plants need the right kind of nutrition to grow well and endure the climatic changes. Credible landscaping companies always use high-grade organic fertilizers that don’t cause any harm to either the plants or the environment.
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Top Lawn Care Tips

Having attractive and healthy landscaped areas is a lot about ensuring that the right kind of plantings and materials are used in the work.  However, it’s also a lot about ensuring that these areas are maintained well. Garden maintenance includes a number of things and lawn care is one of them.
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Benefits of Landscape Maintenance

We all want to have the perfect looking lawns and landscape setting, but it does take a lot of time and energy to keep up with all the tasks that go into having a beautiful property. You can hire a company like Damon Johnson Inc to take care of all of your landscape maintenance tasks for you. This will leave you time to go and do the things that you really enjoy and still have a vibrant and neat looking property! 
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