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Top 3 Tree Services

Tree Services, Edmond, OKTrees are almost an integral part of any landscape and it’s rare to find a property that doesn’t have at least a few trees on it. Small and large trees add to the beauty of your home, lend the outdoor space some shade and help cool the immediate environment as well. Many people also like to install trees closer to their patio and deck areas so these features get some amount of shade at certain times of the day.

However, there are  times when the  roots of some  of the trees  grow  very  deep into the ground and are  threateningly  close  to the house, which can  damage the integrity of your home. This is when you would have to hire the services of tree removal experts to check whether the tree would have to be cut down. Damon Johnson provides excellent tree services to customers in and around Edmond and Oklahoma City. The different solutions they offer include;

Tree Care Services

Just as you hire professionals to care for your lawn areas, the trees in your garden and yard also need a certain amount of care. Trees may seem hardy in comparison to bushes and shrubs, but they too are vulnerable to fungal growth or pest attacks. Aside from this, the branches and leaves sometimes grow excessively long and too close to the structure of the home. A company that provides tree care services will ensure that the trees are trimmed and pruned with regularity and that they are checked for fungal growth etc.

Tree Removal

As mentioned earlier, if you find that any tree/s are growing threateningly close to you home structure, you have the option to get these removed. The tree services experts will check the tree and ascertain whether it needs to be cut down completely or may provide some other suitable solutions. In case a tree on your property gets uprooted in a storm, it would have to be removed from your landscape and the stump would have to be ground well.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees need to be pruned and trimmed with regularity just as shrubs and plants do. When the branches grow disproportionately, they can damage certain exterior features of your home and trimming these branches helps avoid this problem. Regular pruning also helps maintain the health of the trees and ensures that the grass and plants that are growing in the vicinity of the trees get enough of air and sunlight.

Stump Grinding

There are times when trees get uprooted during a storm or they become damaged due to decay and rot. Even when the tree is removed from the landscape, there can be a stump left protruding from the ground. The best way to remove this is to get a landscaper grind the stump to a little below the ground level. This ensures it doesn’t pose a tripping danger and that the stump doesn’t mar the appearance of the landscape.

When you have trees on your property you need to ensure that they are maintained well. Hiring tree services experts like Damon Johnson ensures you get the kind of solutions you need at tree care cost that will fit perfectly into your budget.


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