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Weed Control

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Weed control is usually a major headache for homeowners trying to maintain a beautiful lawn. In fact, excessive weed growth is one of the last problems that you would want to happen to your garden. When left unattended, these weeds can outgrow your plants and even pose danger to your kids and pets. There are several species of weeds that have been found to contain toxic substances. Some have thorny blades that may cause skin irritation and wounds while others have very attractive but poisonous fruits, which your children might accidentally eat.

For best results, you should hire experts to do the weed control job for you. The proper herbicide depends upon the types of weeds that are present in your landscape. Our horticulturists and highly experienced workers can identify them and use the right herbicides. We also do natural weed control methods like applying mulch and groundcovers, hand-pulling, mowing, and proper hydration.

Our Weed Control Program

This program is designed to give you a better-looking, healthier lawn. The basic program includes 7 applications that promote growth and health. Our weed control specialists will give your lawn customized care based upon your specific needs.


Proper fertilization is the cornerstone to any turf management program. Our time-released fertilizers keep your lawn green throughout the year.
To ensure rapid and healthy growth, plants, turf, and trees need proper nutrients. Different types of plants need different types and concentrations of fertilizers. We know that proper fertilization starts with soil testing. We pattern our recommendation according to your soil’s test results. For example, we’ll use a fertilizer with larger concentrations of phosphorous if that is what your soil lacks. Our workers know where to apply it so that it will be more beneficial to your plants.

Weed Control

Proper weed control is the foundation to the health of any lawn. We treat your yard throughout the year with proper post/pre emergent for control of broadleaf and grassy weeds. No matter how much you take care of your landscape, it is still prone to the most resilient of all plants—the weeds. These unwanted plants must be removed because they compete with your plants for water, sunlight, space and nutrients.

Fertilization Piedmont, OK Seven Applications of Weed Control and Fertilization

Winter Pre-emergent
Pre-Spring Weed Control
Spring Pre-emergent/Fertilizer
Early Summer Fertilizer
Summer Pre-Emergent/Fertilizer
Late Summer Fertilizer
Winter Weed Control

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